When reading the day's news, I frequently click the links provided to the parent story to get teh big picture on subjects that interest me. I'm sure you provide these links for this exact reason.<br><br>However, it is a bit self-defeating to have these links when clicked then load up in the original browser window. For one, sometimes I select many of the day's links before reading any of them; for another, I might select links on this new page, thus taking me farther and farther from the home page.<br>I like being anchored to the source, and don't like having to push the back button some unknown number of times to get back. I think it's doing a disservice to readers who just want to check out a link, because then they end up going back and forth for every story.<br><br>It makes for a much cleaner and more flexible experience; try implementing it please.<br><br>you are not your signature