Are you guys nuts?<br>I was here a week ago and there was only the cafe, which an appropriate number of forums for the rate of posting at that time.<br><br>But now you have broken it up into a handful of forums, and I must say it is too soon. Having so many forums at this very early stage in the site's development makes it look sickly. A new visitor comes in to check out the forums; if they see that there is a lot of activity going on in one forum, that is preferable to the situation now: no activity in many forums.<br><br>Do yourselves, and us, a favor: split the forums up as traffic starts to increase and the theme of the site become self-defining. How can you possibly know at this premature point that your audience will want an OS X forum? You don't! You must wait, and read what they discuss, and divide your forums ONLY when reaching critical mass and ONLY into categories which you can support, interest-wise!!!<br><br>you are not your signature