If you are staying on the south side, it's probably around Poipu Beach. There is a neat blowhole someplace around there to see. <br><br>Oh yeah, there is also a river up there somewhere past Lihue (going towards Hanalei). Be sure to take the trip up the river to the Fern Grotto, that is quite nice. These days you can probably even get a kayak and go up there on your own. Kauai has some great waterfalls too, very scenic. <br><br>We were in Maui about 2 months ago. It had been dry there recently, not much in the way of waterfalls. Kauai has the wettest spot on earth, so hopefully you will fare better with waterfalls there. <br><br>Too bad your wife won't go for the helicopter tour, it's pretty neat. Is she concerned about the safety? These things fly for years and years without incident, the odds are pretty darned high that you will have a trip you'll live to tell your friends about. <br><br>Well whatever you do over there, you are going to have a great time -- GUARANTEED!<br><br>