Another desktop-icon-related point is, if you're setting up a Mac for people who need this sort of visual assistance for their filing, keep the desktop relatively clean!<br><br>I know the Mac OS is very forgiving (well, until X anyway) of where you leave "stuff", but for newbies too many desktop icons is just confoozing. I try to set systems up for people with only icons on the desktop that are useful (e.g. "The Internet" and "Email") as well as having the Documents folder and a Programs (collection of aliases) folder living as tabbed windows (so much for my great ideas in X!). I use (and try to train others to use) the Desktop to organise any current projects (in their own folders) and then farm them off to my heirarchy of Documents subfolders when I'm done with them. If I've got anything on the desktop at the end of the day, I know it's stuff I still have to do tomorrow!<br><br>As always, "your" filing structure on "your" Mac is "your" business - this is just a methodology I've found to be helpful, especially for newbies.<br><br>