I have six partitions on a 10 gig IBM HD in my PowerMac<br>and yes I totally agree that though partitions are not so necessary these days they are most definitely an safer and cleaner way to use the Mac. This method also does actually impart the knowledge of heirachal directories to the novice in a much shorter time. Partitions allow such as an installed backup system on a second partition so that if perchance things do go wrong... the ?blink? will only last as long as it takes the boot process to find the other startup disc... to boot,.. this can be done with such as Retrospect so that the system backup is kept updated with changes. Third party Disc Repair tools can be installed on a separate partition thus allowing you to repair your computer without having to boot from a CD... the list of benefits to having partitions can go on forever. The best part is that such system folder heavyweights as the internet caches and Mail folders etc can be aliased off to another partition thus saving getting dragged down by them and also when doing installs or if corruption strikes ... the files are not actually in the system folder.. to get corrupted... thus many problems are avoided... at least in my experience. <br><br>..

but where will we be when the future comes?