The entry today about icons (on the main MacMinute page) reminds me of another thing that can help make your desktop more intutitive.<br><br>Many people do not put icons on their hard drives, and, even with very large hard drives being cheap - still don't partition them. With HFS+ partitioning is no longer the quick improvement that it once was, but it can still be an advisable thing to do.<br><br>When I reformat hard drives for friends, if the drive is over 2 gigs (which is NOT these days??) I often partition it into 2 (of course this varies - but do you want an 87 page textbook or a summary that just gets the idea across??) parts. Then you give the parts some sort of meaningful icon with the old Pretzel-I (Get Info) and paste-a-new-icon method (OS 9 and below of course). <br><br>Many people have never put a new icon on their hard drives - if you only have one partition is will give you a nicer hard drive icon, if you have more than one partition it can give you a visual indication of what the partition is for. The second partition is useful as the Scratch storage that a browser uses, is a good backup, etc. I normally figure out what the owner will use the partition for and then paste a compatible icon on the drive. The main drive (System and Applications folders) get an icon that looks like the model Mac that the owner has and the Scratch/Emergency/etc partition gets an icon that indicates it's purpose. On my Mac at home I have an emergency partition (system folder and utilities only) that has the icon of a tool box. The Scratch partition has an icon that looks like an external hard drive (haven't gotten very creative there), etc. <br><br>This seems to have helped pals avoid losing files by putting them in the wrong folder - they now drag the files (say a JPEG of their Mom) to an icon that looks like a camera. They then wait for the camera to pop open and put the photo in a named folder. They do not make the mistake of putting the file on the wrong partition.<br><br>Of course this does use up some (valuable) screen real estate but these days monitors are so large that there is no need to carefully hoard each pixel.<br><br>People also are not quite so overwhelmed by an enormous list of files when they open their hard drive (it is surprising how many folks have that reaction at first).<br><br>To forestall some obvious objections - of course with "small" hard drives such as the 2 gig mentioned, the second partition is of a minimal size. And all this can be done (and more elegantly) with 3rd party software, other techniques, etc but it seems that this forum is a nice place to suggest FREE and simple enhancements. <br><br>