I use an extended Apple ABD k'board at work -- they really keep us up-to-date -- and love it but an extended board for my iMac at home is a must. I use the mouse with the left hand (there are a few of use around!) and need the Alt/Control keys to the right of the space bar. The page up/page down keys also get a bashing as the scroll wheel on the mouse (MacAlly) doesn't work in QuarkXpress, the main app I use -- another bloody journo. I adore the feel of the Pro k'board and it works without a hitch plugged into the (powered) hub. I just wish Apple would admit that a single click mouse is less than useless in this day and age and produce one with two-buttons + scroll wheel. Apart from wonderfully neat industrial design -- we'll quietly forget that ergonomic nightmare that was the 'puck' mouse -- Apple products have a 'quality' feel. The MacAlly iOptimouse works extremely well but I would still rather have an Apple one; at a sensible price. <br><br>