Text stolen from MacFixIt. I've been looking for a solution for this problem. Quark XPress users will rejoice at getting their tool-switching ability back!<br><br>The keyboard combination "Command-Tab" is used in Mac OS X to switch between currently running applications in a successive fashion. However, this keystroke is also utilized by some third-party applications like Adobe Illustrator and QuarkXpress (depending on your configuration) to switch between toolsets and perform other functions. <br><br>Fortunately, there is a two-punch shareware combination that will disable the "Command-Tab" function, allowing it to be freely used by other apps. <br><br>PullTab is an Application Enhancer module (APE) for Unsanity's APE system allows you to reclaim the Command-Tab and Command-Shift-Tab keystrokes from the MacOS X Dock. You must have Unsanity APE installed to use PullTab. <br><br>If you miss the ability to switch between applications with a keystroke, there are a number of shareware utilities that will allow you to do so without the "Command-Tab" function. Some of our favorites: <br> <br>App Switcher 0.9.8; 140 KB<br>LiteSwitch X 2.0; 635 KB<br>PopApp 1.0; 70 KB<br>Yapasu 1.0b1; 85 KB<br><br>
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