Maybe.<br><br>I'll whip back in time to 1977. A bud and I were returning from a trip to the local off-license (bottle-shop, whatever) and as I turned the car into my driveway, both my friend and I saw it...the unidentified flying object.<br><br>Now, I am a sceptic. Anyone who knows me will attest to that, so that makes the sighting remarkable. And what we saw was something I have been unable to satisfactorally explain since.<br><br>As we drove down the driveway toward the garage, a bright light appeared to the south, (the car was facing west), and travelled north, at high speed, just above the roofline of the houses that backed on to my home. <br><br>When I say high speed, it took maybe 15 seconds to travel from the point we first saw it until it disappeared from sight in the north, presumably dropping below roofline level.<br><br>The reason the sighting is strange is that it doesn't conform to the behavior of any aircraft I know of and I am a commercially rated pilot. I wasn't at that time though, and I was convinced for a time that it must have been an aircraft. But there are numerous reasons why that is not possible.<br><br>For one, the speed across the sky was such that only a high performance jet aircraft would have been capable of such a feat, and the altitude was never any greater than 1000 to 1500 feet. The military does not allow such operations across built-up areas. Never has, never will.<br><br>The light source itself was not in keeping with a landing light, which invariably shines in the direction the aircraft is travelling. When the object was directly in front of us, and subsequently moving away, the light shone with an intensity that never seemed to diminish until it was finally lost from view.<br><br>And aircraft, even military aircraft, which are flying through control zones, have strobes and navigation lights which must be activated. The object, whatever it was, did not have the normal lights.<br><br>So it remains unidentified. Out of curiosity, the following day I spoke with the Christchurch controller who denied any knowledge of any high performance aircraft doing low-level operations that night, nor any other night, over the city.<br><br>Despite enquiries to the media during the next week, no other reports of UFO activity in the area surfaced.<br><br>So what was it? I'll never know. However, I should let you know that my bud and were sober at that moment, we were not on any pharmaceuticals, recreational or otherwise, and neither if us was suffering from illness.<br><br>So, anyone else out there as crazy as me? <br><br>