To all the veterans on the list. And to everyone, don't forget to honor the fallen ones.<br><br>To Those Who Served <br>We walk for those who no longer walk, <br>We speak for those whose voice is still, <br>We remember those with memories lost, <br>And we honor those who fell. <br>The soldiers off in foreign lands, <br>The sailors on foreign seas, <br>Marines who died in hand-to-hand, <br>That we might all be free. <br>The airmen who, in lofty skies, <br>Flew bravely into wars. <br>The men who stayed to watch our coast, <br>And guard our freedom's shores. <br>To these brave men and women, <br>Give honor justly due. <br>Their ultimate sacrifice guaranteed <br>Freedom for me and you. <br>~ by Douglas Kamees <br><br><br><br>Cheers, iRock<br>
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