so, i am teaching an online class and had some students request my lecture in audio format (mp3) instead of text. the week is my last lecture and i have yet to do any with audio, but figured i should try one and this one is not that long...i am actually going to only do a segment with audio and the segment is about 8 - 10 minutes. i have this nice plantronics headset/mic (usb) that i bought to go along with via voice a while back (what a disaster that software was) and my headset is currently recognized as the audio input device by my problem is that i don't know how to get the audio into my machine. i could just tape myself with my miniDV camera and extract the audio, but i'd like to at least try recording directly with the plantronics equipment if possible. is there a good shareware or freeware app for something like this?<br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>