I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend. It's the kick-off to summer 2002 and wish everyone a safe holiday.<br><br>I know some of you became upset with me here in defending myself. I felt it was important to do and to not back down. If you don't agree with that, I appreciate the respect most of you have shown in that decision.<br><br>Although steveg, MacGizmo, Bukk and the rest said some pretty mean things and behaved in a particularly nasty manner, part of me hopes they aren't this way in the real world. So here's to you, boys, I lift my glass to you and hope you have a safe and good holiday too.<br><br>The forecast is looking good for Sunday and we might get in a sunny Indianapolis 500. This town is now in full party throttle, and I am now off to join them!<br><br>Good will to all on this Memorial Day weekend!<br><br>
***************<br><br>This space left intentionally blank