When you start driving away good members such as YoYo, you all crossed that line of a fun place to a place that isn't fun.<br><br>I am going to email Stan and Misha to please lock some threads around here to hopefully put a stop to the childish behavior. If you (and you know who you are) can't get over something because you gotta be high and mighty, then just deal with it. Sometimes things just don't go your way. Chalk this one down as a learning experience and move on.<br><br>And for the others, I hope that the spam has stopped for good. I know you were trying to push that one thread onto another page, but they were gonna drag it back. I know, I contributed some, but I stopped after a short time. I"m sorry I did that.<br><br>I am hoping that YoYo comes back...but if he doesn't and more leave due to this stupid behaivor, then I'll leave and will be sure to give Stan my piece on why. This was a great forum but unfortunately now we have all this dirty laundry that should be dealt with between the two people either at the offending site or in PM, or even email. Better yet, ignore each other!! Wow..that's a concept!!<br><br>So I hope that noone else leaves..and let's get YoYo back here! Make MM fun again.<br><br>
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