In all my years of mac boards, mac newsgroups, and mac forums (and I go back to about 1988 or 89 on this), I have never seen so much flaming for so long over so little. I'd really be ashamed to direct my friends to any of these forums at the moment, with so little of interest and so much of really childish behavior. <br><br>Might I gently suggest that we all find it in ourselves to stop this in its tracks? That would mean, of course, stopping now rather than "after this next post." There's plenty of stuff to talk about. We don't need to get the last word into any flame thread here before looking for a better topic. This was a pretty peaceful place until we MacCentral people came over here and started airing our dirty underwear here. Come on, people. We're Mac users, creative people, conversationalists, witty... why waste our reputations over someone's hurt feelings because someone else said such and such? <br><br>Egads. Spring is nearly over. Summer's nearly here. Think of something worth doing and saying. Something worth believing in. No need for this other stuff. I'm serious; I've never seen such negativity. I know you all have more in you than that. Let's bring out the good stuff now. The fine, aged, bubbly that you keep bottled up for special occasions. Bring it out and pass it around!<br><br><br><br>If you don't, it means I'm going to have to post a REALLY long post. I don't think you want that, now, do you? I'm serious. It's going to be REALLLLY long. Next person that posts another whiney message about being done wrong... it's going to be time for Shooshie to filibuster this dang forum. Trust me. It won't be pretty. You don't want that.<br><br><br><br>Shooshie<br><br>Shooshie's Stuff
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