That's totally true. When I moved to this company, I had an old 300mhz mac and a 333mhz PC in my cubbicle. I made them get the new mac, and now I am just running the MAC, and Win2000 under virtual PC for some of the PC stuff. Also, I am the only mac user in the whole company and at first they said that they couldnt plug it into the network. So I did it myself and I also requested 3 extra IPs with the explanation that I "needed them". Now I can plug in my laptop from home and my PC laptop from home too. With OSX you can also see all the printers and drives in the network too without having to install anything else on the server.<br><br>___________________________________________<br><br>I'm just another Mac user at an 8 hour day Dilbert style cubicle job....
"The United States is by far the largest exporter of weapons in the world, selling more weapons than the next 14 countries combined."