Alright, best I can tell, it is actually working. It's just its behavior as an interface is crap. When I upload a file to my server through Check In using Dreamweaver (even if I had just created it), it updates the modification date of the local file to that of the server (which means, I now have local files created tomorrow). WHAT?! That's screwy. I wish it would do it the other way around at least (modify the date on the server to reflect my local time). It's far more likely that I'm going to also synchronize files between two local directories as well. If DW is changing the local date, then my local synchs and backups go to hell. Not good, not good at all. <br><br>Also means that if I create a GIF (for example) and I upload via "put" or "check in" it will get a new mod date on my local machine. Then if I happen to resave the GIF in the next several hours with a quick update locally, DW is still going to see that one on the server as being newer because my new local file will have an "older" relative modification date. Grrr. Sucks.<br><br><pre>** sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn **</pre><p>