Well, even if you wanted to upgrade the processor... I see some other problems you might encounter, like the memory speed. The bus of the processor (1ghz) runs in perfect harmony with the memory transfer speed. Most likely they will be coming out with a faster memory too in the future processors. Also, once factor that slows down your mac alot is the HDD transfer rate. HDDs are way behind! With the new processors, you pretty much would need SCSI 170 or up in order to keep up with the speed. Even Raid doesn't do it anymore. Apple made a big step backwards going to ATA! And even ATA 100 on the G4, not even 133!<br><br>So in other words, upgrading the processor, sometimes it's just $$ thrown out the window in order to be able to show off in front of frieds on how fast your processor is. Most people don't look at HDD speed, memory speed, and of course Video Card Speed. <br>The new G5 will have 8X AGP, compared to the 4X on the G4. And who knows whats next.<br><br>These days, just get a new machine every 2 years and trash the old machine on e-bay!<br><br>___________________________________________<br><br>I'm just another Mac user at an 8 hour day Dilbert style cubicle job....
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