In perhaps what should be taken in the strictest definition of a rumor, one post indicates that one Apple engineer suggested that the PowerMac G5's may be difficult to upgrade (Processors) due to the cooling/venting requirements:<br><br>One thing he said is that it will be extremely difficult to upgrade the chips in this machine. Each computer is uniquely paired with its processors to have perfect venting. Changing out processors would throw off the chip that handles the G5 cooling, resulting in (at best) the computer running for a while then shutting off, or (at worst) a non-booting machine.<br><br>Another submission claims that each system (including support chips for the 970) require custom calibration for the fans to work properly, making CPU replacements very difficult. <br><br>Obviously, more information will become available in the months to come, as machines become available and upgrade vendors gain access to these machines. <br><br>
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