he I am still wondering about the clause which contains,<br>"in the pursuit of happiness"<br>leaves me boggling to see the image of a nation of people running around with butterfly nets swhooshing the air endeavouring fruitlessly to ensnare this<br>elusive <br>prey <br><br>oh and guys look below... for my tip..type in the first part of your overlength quote into the message then have the last part in your signature...then post the message ... press continue.. then hit view post:.. and edit post:.. click as unmarked;) ..then delete the space between the lines of your quote; and or add bits to your quote as you will have seen if you have been watching me play with this.<br>• see mine.. "wonder why we try so hard.(space gone).and you wonder why the world..."(bits added) check this message gives you the appearance of a full quote sig. <br>•see below.. end message<br><br>Wonder why we try so hard... wonder why we try at all...You wonder why the world is turning around... When in the end it won't matter at all..Ray Thomas (Moody Blues~Every Good Boy Deserves Favour 1969)

but where will we be when the future comes?