This caused me much angst. I decided it was time to reformat my mac, rearrange the partitions and start fresh. This is a powerbook (G3 firewire or pismo). My OS X install disk is version 10.1 so I wiped the drive clean installed OS X and 9 and fired up software update and ran thru all the updaters. When I was done I had an unstable mess for a machine. Maybe something went bad so I tried it again, resulting in the same mess. I was just running software update so there really wasn't anything to think about right? WRONG.<br><br>iTunes, the stupid iTunes v2.0.4 update that requires you to manually uninstall the previous version and get the infernal ituneshelper out of the login files. I wasted a whole lot of time before I came upon it in a MacFixIt forum. All problems went away with the addition of that little step. <br><br>Anyway keep it in mind if you are rebuilding your machine.<br><br>