A month before yours.. April 25th. When we remember the fallen of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps that were landed on that indescribable bloodbath of Gallipoli Beach ...and of those that fought in more recent conflicts. We also have Rememberence Day on 11th of the 11th at 11AM..when one minutes silence is held nationwide. <br>In an age of reduction/amalgamation of public holidays... Anzac Day is the one that stands out as being of such national importance to withstand any such attacks on its status. <br><br>Let no one take from us the day that we thank those whom tossed their lives like crumpled rags upon the altar of our freedom.<br><br>Wonder why we try so hard ...wonder why we try at all...<br>You wonder why the world is turning around When in the end it won't matter at all..Ray Thomas

but where will we be when the future comes?