I want to connect two macs permanently to each other with a very fast connection and both to the rest of the network, which is either 100Mbps or 10Mbps Ethernet. The connection needs to be stable, so that I can leave it open for days and be able to work on one machine and save it to the other and vica versa.<br><br>What's the fastest way to connect two workstations?<br><br>Firewire? Is it only target disk mode? One of the machines will not be available to work on, just as a hard drive right?<br><br>Gigabit Ethernet? If I connect the two workstations directly I don't need to buy a switchhub, but will I have gigabit speed between the two machines? Also, I'll not have a free Ethernet port to connect the two machines to the rest of the network.<br><br>Airport extreme? Do I need a basestation or is it enough if I have an extreme card in both macs? Is it fast enough to save hundreds of megs from PS?<br><br>My guess is that I need to buy a gigabit switchhub and connect it to the rest of the network and plug the two workstations in it too, is my thinking right?<br><br>
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