From the MacMinute front page:<br>Schmoozing the Reds: AOL's secret China plans revealed<br><br><br>What do you think about this?<br><br>I think it's insane that anyone is trying to do business with China... I mean come on, isn't China the last bastion of Communism? Don't they treat their employees (peasants) like they are part of the trash? Doesn't America still have some trade sanctions with them? if not, why not?<br><br>Sorry... I'm the kind of guy that checks the labels when I'm buying cheap stuff at Walmart for "made in China" and puts those things back... I just can't fathom the idea of China getting any further ahead when they are so "unfriendly" to us.... and why does AOL need to make a dime off of them?<br><br>Or, is this part of the Americanization of China, through covert means? Will this help bring down the Red Curtain?<br><br>Your thoughts?<br><br>***<br>"Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people." -John Adams
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