Thanks for all of the feedback guys. One of the staffers here suggested it and I was just wondering what the members thought about the idea. I really like the idea of keeping the main news page complete with a flag for OS X related items, and then maybe having a separate page for those who want [color:red]only</font color=red> Mac OS X news. I couldn't care less about the page views -- I just want to make it convenient for you guys.<br><br>Let me give it some more thought and we'll get right on it.<br><br>By the way, the Mac OS X forum is due, so I will add that right now. I just didn't want to add too many categories until we made sure the forum system was working well. That's why you will see us add more and more a piece at a time.<br><br>Thanks again for the ideas and comments!<br><br>Cheers,<br><br>Stan<br><br>