from my experience as a moderator and admin of a forum (which shall go unnamed here... at least, unnamed by me) it is far better to organize by separation, at least to a point. and i am certain that Stan will be able to discern the point at which a new section of the fora is or is not needed when or if it should be suggested to him that a new section be created. that said, should he think that a new section is needed, he's likely right.<br><br>i know, i know... hard to believe that a yapper like me could've moderated and administered AND contributed heavily with solid info to one of the biggest/most popular forums for Mac-users... in fact, i played no small part in making that forum grow in size and reputation while also having started one of the biggest Mac SETI teams out there... right, John Engler? heh heh... ok, i am done stuffing my shirt now. heh heh<br><br>