Funny thing is, if DOS had a better command line and file system like Unix, I probably wouldn't have hated PCs so much. Thank goodness it was crappy, or else I might be using Windows to this day!<br><br>I first learned UNIX in 1991, I then learned that a command line can be a powerful and useful tool. PC people would say to me, Mac GUI is a toy and a real computer user uses a command line (and then referring to DOS). I laughed and said, "maybe if you had a real commandline I'd agree with you." I was taking computer science in university at the time. At the time, all the professors had an XTerminal and a Mac on their desks - by choice. I would imagine today they just have a Mac.<br><br>When you are using your Terminal, be sure to wear shades, set the terminal window to semi transparent and play SecretAgentRadio in the iTunes Electronica Radio section. That'll complete the look.<br><br>Oh yeah, and may have some good articles. <br><br>