also, have you deleted the Colorsync Pref's file? are you aware of a handy dandy little item named "Profile First Aid" (Apple software, you may find a copy of Profile First Aid on my iDisk's Public Folder, i am iTools member: nycdewd of course!), it may be of use to you IF you are having trouble with a particular Colorsync Profile, that is to say, if you are recalibrating an existing Profile... and finally, you could rip Colorsync out completely and reinstall it... i think that were i to do that somewhat drastic measure i'd first be sure to have the Colorsync installer on my desktop then restart with extensions off and then trash Colorsync (and by that i mean trash EVERY Colorsync-related file, use Sherlock to find them) and then reinstall Colorsync<br><br>