Man, it's just amazing the attitude at MacCentral. You just gotta check this out MM folk.<br><br>A while back, a nice poster suggested we do Mozaic, which you've heard a lot about here. We were asked to contribute a picture. That's it. Finito. I was one of the early contributors, and did so promptly (based on my limited PS abilities.)<br><br>Then, as the project progressed, it grew into a MUCH bigger project. Posters, CDs, signatures, auctions, charities, press releases. You think DaVinci and Dali were back and working on something of import.<br><br>During all this, the MC split occurred, and I (for one) didn't really appreciate it. I thought it was yet another case in my life where a few mouthy fools were pissing off a few uptight fools and I get caught in the middle, a member of neither party.<br><br>Anyhow, a surprise, unannounced requirement of participating in the Mozaic is to include your actual name surfaced, as well as a write a bio about yourself. I chose not to include my actual name and wrote a short bio. That bio was refused, and a 'replacement' was sent back to me, featuring a paragraph about my active participation at MC. To this, I sent a snotty replacement bio suggesting I am no longer an 'active' MC participant.<br><br>To THIS I'm notified that-- fine then-- your tile is being removed from the Mozaic.<br><br>Perhaps you can help me: did I miss something?<br><br>A mozaic was suggested. The only requirement to participate was a contributed piece of art. Once I met the requirement, it changed. Now I have to write a bio, one that's pro MC. I have to consider signing the thing at a date which isn't convenient to me. I have to use my real name.<br><br>Am I missing something?<br><br>I try not to think there's a kindergarden at MC. I really have to try..<br><br>Do you rhumba? Excellent! Now pick a rhumba and sit down.. GM