There has been a boatload of rumors lately about the PowerPC 970 actually being in production... but since they're always from the same sources (especially a French one...just kidding ) it doesn't mean too much.<br><br>But, how about this article at arstechnica "the PC enthusiast's resource". There is a long, two part technical article about the 970, its performance, comparisons, etc.<br><br>Some interesting sections in it if you don't want to read it:<br>The fact that the Altivec unit was slapped onto the design, leaving some room for improvement in future iterations, leaves no doubt that the 970 achieved its present form under pressure from Apple and that Apple will be rolling out systems based on the new processor. This is the most plausible and reasonable explanation for the way the vector unit looks. If the 970 were solely intended as a Linux desktop platform for IBM, they would've preferred to reduce the 970's die size, power consumption, time-to-market, etc. by just leaving out the Altivec unit altogether, instead of shoehorning it into the design the way they did.<br><br>and this:<br>Finally, as I've mentioned a number of times in this article and in other places, the 970 is made for SMP designs. So I look for the top-end 970 machines from both Apple and IBM to be dual-processor right out of the gate. And in fact, I would expect that machines with four processors and more are in the works from both companies.<br><br>Finally, turning once again to Apple's use of the 970, I believe that Apple is poised for a huge overhaul of its hardware line based on this processor and a renewed relationship with IBM. I'm finally convinced that Apple's days of wandering in the wilderness with Motorola are over, and that personal computer users will be able to see the Mac as a real option again in terms of desktop, and not just portable, performance.<br><br>Whoa, let the quad processor rumors start up again. MOSR will be so pleased <br><br>The greatest thing though is that it is nice to see a "non-Apple rumor" site completely convinced that Apple is going to use the 970. Now, hopefully the other rumors are correct and these machines are being built!<br><br>