If you havenít had a chance yet on Netflix check out The Wrecking Crew, itís the story of the studio musicians of the 60s that made popular music what it was back then. Also on Netflix Stranger Things, Making a Murderer, and The Ranch. The last one has Sam Elliot and Ashton Kutcher, itís cookie cutter but kind of funny. Somebody recommended Narcos but I havenít seen it yet. The Ridiculous 6 for something corny. Grace an Frankie. Orange is the new black. Glen Campbell Iíll be me was recommended but I havenít watched it yet.

If you have Hulu 11.22.63, and they now have The Strain which was on FX. I started watching Quantum Leap again last year. Iím about halfway through the final season. I loved how they involved people like Buddy Holly.

Famous people he influenced.