Found this tip at macosxhints this morning (note that it can also be applied to other apps, I just never paid much attention to the HIDE at login feature before):<br><br>Mozilla and Netscape for Windows have a nice feature that keeps Mozilla running in the background processes so you don't have to wait for the browser to start up every time you close a window.<br><br>In Mac OS X, you can do something similar. Just create a Login item linked to and select the "Hide" box. This will make Mozilla start up at login and you won't have to see the splash screen or a window until you're ready to click the Mozilla application icon in the Dock.<br><br>This won't help if you purposely quit Mozilla, of course, but you shouldn't have to, this is Mac OS X smile.<br><br>[Editor's note: This hint can, of course, be extended to pretty much any application that you use regularly. If you want an app to be available as soon as you start up, but not necessarily open a window and dominate the screen, set it to hide in the Login Items panel.]<br><br><br><br>Mike<br><br><br><br>