I love how rumor sites just make stuff up.....this makes the Weekly World News sound like a legitimate news source....from macrumors.com:<br><br>"Businessweek published some excerpts from an interview with Phill Schiller regarding the iTunes music store, and is unrevealing with questions to Beyond iTunes:<br><br><br>Q: Any plans for video down the road?<br>A: No, right now we just want to make the world's best music store. But I want to point out that iTunes includes particular music videos in the store. You can view some amazing music videos for free. <br><br>This hasn't stopped users and sites to speculate that downloadable movies are in the future from Apple. "<br><br>a.) Nothing about what Phil Schiller said hints at or speculates apple would offer downloadable movies<br><br>b.) Apple does not currently offer downloadable movies, only select music videos and movie trailers<br><br>What a bunch of bored lamers...<br><br>