1st Gen iPad refurb from Apple.
I bought it because the one we have is a Gen 2 that I can't move the OS past 7.x because the newer OS is sluggish on the 2s and even some 3s.
Ok... not a complete brick... but there lots of reports the old architecture can't handle the new beast. Plus Gen 1 iPads stopped at iOS 6 .. so it's a matter of time for the iPad 2s.

This thing is sleek. Thinner, same size screen, yet smaller bezel/border. The screen is a hair thinner one the wide side? Hard to tell w/o looking up specs.
Also got the official Apple leather cover that makes the iPad start/sleep automatically.
Retina screen is badass. I have seen the retinas on our phones... but you can really appreciate on the larger real estate.

So.. Reboot... I may have a couple of questions on getting some settings ported over.
I am not doing a restore due to some previous issues with some data/movies not being recognized and are "lost data". As in the iPad 2 doesn't see them... but I can tell they are there from the data usage bar.