<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>It doesn't make sense to me, though. Why would they put the hardware out there when OSX isn't yet ready for it? And didn't IBM say it was going to debut at 1.8GHz?? I don't know, it would be great to get them out quick, but because of those two things I'm a bit skeptical.<p><hr></blockquote><p><br>The first generation of the PPC 970 will debut at 1.4-1.8GHz, and it won't be until they switch to the .09 manufacturing process that they will get to the planed 1.8-2.5GHz range. If you look at IBM's website where they announced 2.5GHz PPC 970 based servers you will find nothing more than a list of news in German.<br><br>"If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something. "
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