Over at MacRumors (NOT macOSrumors! they are saying:<br>A well-informed source told us that the first PPC 970 single processors at 1.4 GHZ have left Hon Hai?s assembly lines. This is excellent news because they will be available much earlier than envisaged at the start. The single processor will be in stock and sold at the end of May, whereas the top-of-the-line [chip] will arrive mid-June, right before WWDC.<br><br> The only downside: the machines will be furnished with OSX, but not optimized with 64 bits. With every purchase of such a machine, Mac OSX 10.3 will be offered when it is ready in September. In this state, unless Apple opposes it, we will reveal the benchmarks of the machine on May 15th at the latest.<br><br> [ MÓJ ] Apple US is offering an exceptional 30% employee rebate on pro G4 models. This is the first sign of the demise of the [G4] computer. Note that the 17" iMacs are also part of Apple's promo<br><br>I checked over at Apple Store and they do seem to have a lot of items in the refurb section.<br><br>Any comment nutty? (please oh please say yes! )<br><br>