So, when I told movie buff friends I didn't like Eraserhead, they told me I had to watch Mulholland Drive before I made my decision on David Lynch. So I did.

It started out pretty good. I was enjoying myself for much of it, but before long, you realize again that he is just making it up as he goes along (Twin Peaks being the ultimate example of this).

David Lynch has a good gig, just because the guy has an eye, and a penchant for the bizarre people think he's some kind of genius and keep paying for him to make his movies. I had at least a decent opinion of him until these last two movies.

Most of his plots from what I have seen revolve areound "what if there was a supernatural subtext behind the lives we lead". Yeah what if. The guy needs religion if he is so obsessed with this prospect. And to top it off, the guy has obviously has vivid sexual fantasies that he is lucky enough to be able to hire beautiful women to carry out for him; from the movies I have seen he largely uses women in his movies as the objects of sexual fantasy. I admit he gets some pretty good performances out of his actors, but that is largely because he has somehow wowed the world into thinking he is some miracle worker, so of course he gets the best talent and great performances out of them.

Marv mentioned Blue Velvet. Yes, I liked that one a lot. It went somewhere, and still had Lynch's artistic eye and creepiness. This was his highlight in my opinion. I should've stopped there when I saw it way back when.

I saw Wild at Heart years ago, and remember thinking it wasn't bad, but it certainly didn't make an impression on me, as I couldn't tell you much about it now.
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