For anyone in their right mind.

Every time I install an SSD I'm amazed. I wonder if the advent of SSDs being affordable has affected computer sales.

Today's fix. I have a client with a 2007 24" iMac on Mavericks who was having problems with Outlook especially. Outlook wouldn't launch, had the Database Daemon crash error, got a -36 error when trying to rebuild the database, or duplicating it manually. It also took 15 minutes or more to reboot the machine. Once it booted it ran fine, sans Outlook, Outlook wouldn't launch or rebuild.

Checking the Console, during the reboot it kept throwing up I/O errors for the main HD. It also reindexed the HD on every reboot which took about 45 minutes for only 130G.

Installed an SSD inside an Icy Dock. Installed Mavericks fresh onto the new SSD. Migrated his user, apps, and settings from Time Machine. Now, a 7 Y.O. computer screams. Outlook rebuilt just fine, and launches in 2 secs, like most apps. iPhoto used to take a long time, 3 secs now.

After a reboot the computer gets to the desktop, dock, and Menu bar icons in 30 secs max. A 7 Y.O. machine can even run Yosemite.

SSDs rule. cool