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I don't get it, what shell game? Also as far as getting out early, I plan on keeping my phones till I die. Again, I don't follow where you're coming from.

I'm paying at least $1000 a year less, I really don't see the downside.


I wasn't referring to YOU in Particular..

..but to any provider's ability to change the price
and nature of any "plan" Seemingly at Random. frown

ah.. sorry..
I'm suffering through VERIZON'S 2 year commitment.
I was withing days of finally catching up to what
I owe them... when my TV stopped responding to their
Remote... I called them, they sent a workman to
check it out... turned out to be the TV itself.

Long story short.. I just got billed (as of yesterday)
over $200 for the service charge. frown $405.00 in all.

I doano.. I'm loosing it..