Dropped my land line. Was able to change my business land line number to a cell line and combined it with my cell plan. ATT's Mobile Share plan. Unlimited talk, text, and 2G data for $85, plus taxes of course, for two phones. Cut my ATT bill in half, and went from 450 min. a month and 20 a text plan to all you can eat except data, and I only had the 2G plan anyway. Also my iPhone can now be used for a hotspot if needed.

I got a 99 LG Xpression 2 basic phone for the biz phone, but that number will just be rolled over to the original cell phone like it has been for the last 20 years anyway, just a backup phone now.

The 2 times a year I may need to fax I can go to Staples. Wasn't worth holding onto it for just that. I was also using the land line to save minutes on my cell.

Welcome to the 21st century I guess. grin