It just occurred to me that these days it would really suck to be a TV actor. Apart from the characteristics that make acting suck in general, like auditions, scarcity of work, etc., I realize there's a new climate in TV that sucks.<br><br>It was summed up a the title of a special episode of a sitcom a few nights back called: EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND: THE FIRST SIX YEARS. It must have been a best of episode, but look at what that says. THE FIRST SIX YEARS. Apparantly, Les Moonves at CBS likes his hit, and wants us all to know that there will be ANOTHER SIX YEARS.<br><br>So if you're a sitcom actor todays, here's how it will play out. Either:<br><br>1. You'll be in a zillion pilots and but never get picked up for much else.<br><br>2. You will get picked up for a six show run. However, the nervous nelly networks will most likely can you in two outings. Why? They don't pay money for good writers. They don't cultivate talent. They just take a dump and see what people like.<br><br>3. You'll be lucky enough to land a hit! But wait-- how lucky is it be Frasier Crane for 12 years? To pretend to be FRIENDS for how long? That lot was pathetic on the get go, and now they're such beasts that if you rolled them altogether there'd be a fifth friend.<br><br>I know, some of the people are getting like a million an episode, but be honest: wouldn't you rather be in traction than imprisoned on TV being Rachel for most of your adult life?<br><br>Pity the poor actors, no matter how rich some of them become..<br><br>EEEESSSSSHHHHHH<br><br>Do you rhumba? Excellent! Now pick a rhumba and sit down.. GM