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It was too complicated (more so than necessary)
to get into @ 3:30AM... but GET THIS... smirk

When I moved fro the Comcast Triple Play Package
to the Verizon Triple Play Package, part of the
deal was adding VOICE (a land-line) that would
actually LOWER the cost of Internet & Cable TV.

As an added inducement, they promised to "PORT"
my existing # to my new Verizon Server. cool

('s where it goes all oblong... smirk )

Less than a month into the new service, I get one
of what I've come to know as ONE-OF-MANY e-mails...
...claiming that I HAD REQUESTED The Service To Be
Cancelled ...along with Instructions for returning
all my equipment... and the obligatory $240.00 FEE
for EARLY CANCELLATION. shocked -wtf?

Upon contacting them (a length-process in itself)
I was informed that I had cancelled the VOICE Option
thereby cancelling the Triple Play DISCOUNT--- ALONG
WITH All the OTHER DISCOUNTS offered as inducements
for "Going VERIZON"... smile

Wait For gets better... smirk

This turn of events automatically jumped my payments
from $169 per Month to $278 per Month... For the NEXT
2 YEARS Of My Contract! and let's not forget losing
all of the FIRST MONTH & A HALF First Payment PLUS

...PLUS... the $240 if I decided to drop their service,
and GO WITHOUT CABLE TV & INTERNET since they are the

OK.. long-story-short

After weeks of ye olde runaround...

I was told that the problem lies in their claim
another company had put in a request for use of MY PHONE #
that "by LAW" Verizon is obligated to "RELEASE" to them...

After more calls, someone took pity on my situation and
told me which company had allegedly "SLAMMED" my Number.
they claimed it was Comcast... and that it was "up to me"
to contact Comcast and re-re-request the # be ported back
to Verizon... or otherwise live with the situation...

One 5 min. call to Comcast was all it took for them to
put a Nation Wide Search on the Number... which turned
out to NOW BELONG TO VERIZON. mad -wtf?

Oh it gets even BETTER (hoping Mr.B is following this)

I STILL had to PAY The Bogus Bill or have it turned over
to Collections (plus plus plus) and wait an entire month
just to see if they could get back the number... and
FORGET all the Lost Promotionals grin -sorry 'bout dat

cry so far I've been thu this 5 TIMES Already since JANUARY! WTF?

Last week (when I spoke with the Supervisor) I agreed to
SIMPLY CHANGE THE PHONE NUMBER rather than deal with this.

---now back to yoyo's opinion + my reaction
"...or am I a butterfly dreaming she's a woman?"