World's Tallest Building to be built in Saudi Arabia

> 3200 feet tall - Is this the modern "Tower of Babel" ?

Can you imagine if this collapses or falls over ?? cry ouch !! . . . it'd make 9-11 look like tinker toys !!

FYI USA has #4 of the tallest and that's the only 1 in the top 10... well except Donald Trump's head !! (lucky that guy can breathe ! ) laugh Talk of Tower of Babel !!

China has 4 of the top 10 (#2, #6, #7, & #10) .... not that that's anything to crow about !
What's the deal with height? can't be most efficient office space ... building costs, pumping water up 1000's of feet !! AND what if you have a fire !! 1000s trapped.... unless you equip them with parachutes or parasails !!

I can see someone flipping over their desk chair cushion and it says- "In case of emergency, this cushion may serve as a flotation device." OOPS !! wrong floatation !! eek