A rancher just outside Nevada has put up a sustained effort to keep from removing his cattle from Federal land. I've not followed this case much but from what I've deemed it appears that he has done this for 20 years.

I've thought of these situations many times over the years and I've wondered how people think they have the right to utilize resources on land they do not own. If this rancher owned this 600,000 acres then I might support his claim to use it any damn way he chooses but he doesn't own it, and for 20 years he has stopped paying leasing fees, as I understand.


As usual, some of the comments are most interesting. I rather agree with one who posted this

And by "liberty", you mean ignoring laws you don't think should apply to you? This has been going on for twenty years. That is federal land and grazing on it costs money. Just like any other federally owned resource, if you use it, you should have to pay for that use. This guy believes those laws don't apply to him. He's a parasite. Cloaking his stupidity in the language moronic wingnuts love, he's somehow convinced a fair amount of people his stealing from the federal government is okay. These same people will wax poetic about the "culture of dependency" created when a single mother working a minimum wage job takes sixty bucks a week in food stamp benefits to feed her kids. This guy has been stealing from the feds for so long he considers it his birthright. He's fought a long legal battle and he lost. He is refusing to abide by the resulting court order. That makes him a criminal. No different than a welfare cheat. No one defends the right of a welfare cheat to game the system but because this guy wears a cowboy hat, people think his criminal behavior should be celebrated.

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