I just read an ARTICLE about America's taxation history and accumulated wealth. Paul Krugman is always interesting. But one of the things I was thinking of while he was discussing Teddy Roosevelt and how the accumulation of wealth threatened American democracy was that in nature,…mainly the strongest survive to procreate. they must overcome many forces and obstacles to survive to create offspring. This leads to a strengthening of the genes of a species. The species overall evolves into a stronger species and helps it compete in nature against other species. The same argument could be made for wealth and American capitalism. If you have a large number of people who inherit wealth and never have to earn it (they never have to create, they never have to take any risk, they never have to do anything to make themselves tougher) then you can create a group of wealthy people who are intellectually and innovatively weaklings.

There is a reason Bill Gates did not leave his fortune to his children, granted he left them $1 million; but if they want more they have to take that and creatively invest or expand it. Granted also that's a great start that most people do not have; but at least he's not leaving them billions like Sam Walton did his kids. Lean and hungry people are always more creative and innovative; wealthy, comfortable people are usually just slobs - especially if they never earned it.

I think this is an angle that the Democrats need to exploit when the GOTP talks about the death tax and taxation in general.