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..dis SUX!

I'm still trying to get my life back from my recent move.
For one thing, I have to make a new bank account
so I can deposit enough to pay down my debts. (ASAP)

I did all that banking, cc, etc. stuff prior to my move. I knew after the move, all that crap would have been placed on a back burner as well as the bills.
Prior to moving I also wrote letters to everyone to let them know payments will be late because of the move. Good thing I did this because I had no clue where I packed my bills. I thought they were with my other important docs. They all understood, re-billed me & I was not penalized for late payments.

I moved in Oct & I am still not on track quite yet. I am down to 2 huge boxes left to unpack. I threw crammed/squeezed them into a hall closet. "Out of site, out of mind." I think this next blizzard will be a good time to take them out, look inside, take a big sigh, pick out what I want & just trash the rest without looking back or take a second look.