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I am there with you on both items! I have only purchased my Apple stuff online since my G3 desktop when there was old time Apple seller in town. It would be handy for warranty repairs as I have to ship stuff off.

I do not care for the Greene either...it never fails if I am on a date or am meeting someone, they want to go there...yech. Perhaps it is the male-female difference in the shopping gene.

Same here..
I go there to check out the new products
then run home and buy it on line.
They're totally cool with that... they know
their true function lies in being a high-end
demo facility for perspective switchers & such.

Shopping Gene: 'The "GATHERER" Half' of
any successful Hunter/Gatherer partnership.

Men find and kill the prey and drag it home.

Women have to search for the correct plants
that can only be gathered at the correct stage
of it's life cycle to be useful or edible.

She has to find it, remember where it grows,
know when & where to find it again months
(often YEARS) later...PLUS how to prepare it
as Food, medicine, fiber for clothing etc.

Yup, it's a separate and very useful "Gene"
(skill-set) ...viva la differance! grin