Hi all this is my first post on your forum and I'm hoping someone can help me or guide me in the right direction.

I have in my hands a 2012 Macbook Pro retina model which is running os x 10.8.2 my problem is that it will not boot via any method it just gets as far as the Apple logo then the little spinning wheel starts and freezes shortly after.

1. On a standard boot it is in a continuous boot loop. Chimes - apple logo - wheel freeze- reboot prior to resetting the NVRAM it would follow that sequence and display a message that it shutdown because it encountered a problem.

2. Safe boot displays progress bar then switches to gear and freezes for ever

3. Restore freezes the same as above.

4. When I boot and am able to select the restore volume same thing and I have also tried booting from a USB stick with 10.8.2 on it. same just freezes at the gear.

5. I've tried a net boot and although it went and allowed me to select my internet connection once then went on to freeze after doing the NVRAM reset now all I get is a flashing world and then a 0/ symbol at the end.

6. About the only things I can do are boot in single user mode and also verbose mode. I have checked the disk in single user mode and it reports no problems.

7. I have also run the built in AHT and it shows no problems

This Mac has 8 gigs of ram onboard and a ssd there are no other 3rd party devices attached.

anybody have any ideas on how to get this thing to run LOL thanks in advance.