Looks like Liz turned her opportunity into gold. She became a music reporter for CNN.

Although Derringer is well-known for her outgoing personality, effective inter-personal skills, and acute business sense, she humbly attributes much of her success to the friends she has made along the way. Among them are famed Pop Artists the late Andy Warhol and Peter Max, former President of the Grammy’s Michael Greene, NBC TV’s Senior Vice-President of Promotion, Frank Radice and international Supermodels Rosie Vela and Jerry Hall. However, Derringer’s premier network stemmed through her marriage to one of rock’s great guitar legends, Rick Derringer, with whom she traveled with extensively, getting to know many of entertainment’s finest. The rock life became of great interest to Derringer and ultimately with encouragement from Andy Warhol, who started Interview Magazine, enticed her to interview some of the biggest stars of the day, from Mick Jagger and Peter Gabriel to Jimmy Page and Sting. Her likable, outgoing demeanor and natural ability to incite good conversation captured major attention which eventually led to a career conducting interviews for some of the nation’s leading publications such as Interview Magazine, Playboy, and The New York Daily News. The reputation she gained catapulted into her own a position as a music reporter for CNN.

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