Hello, I will try and keep this as short as possible as I am currently on holiday away from my MBP and will unable to do anything with it until I return, but it is a bother knowing that it could be a serious issue.

The evening before flying out, my MBP all of a suddenly began to flicker to a black screen for a few secs and then return to normal, however the sound on my MBP was still working and the screen returned to normal before it would flicker again! I have tried a PRAM reset once and noticed that the boot screen would load fine, but the login and desktop screen would continue to flicker black and return to normal. It seems to have happened out of the blue and I am extremely frustrated that this has happened only now as my AppleCare expired just a month ago! Could this be. Software issue rather than a hardware one?

And has anyone had any experiences similar to this and have any ideas as to why this is happening?
I would like to also note that my battery is due for replacing and I am unsure as to whether the problem and the battery are interlinked?

Many thanks!