Despite being listed for many years on the Do Not Call registry, I still get annoying calls from time to time on my cell phone (which is my only phone). But now that I took a deal from Time Warner that included digital phone which I'm using strictly for a fax line I'm getting inundated with junk calls. I immediately registered that number, and I know it can take up to 90 days for the registry to update, but this is INSANE!

Since my MFC does not have a handset or any voice capability, I have a cheapie phone that can be plugged into its line 2 jack. I've installed Time Warner's My Phone app on my Mac and iPhone, so when these annoying calls come in, the caller ID is captured and I can call them back and counter-annoy them!

Some callers have an opt-out that allows you to punch in the number you want removed, so I can do that on the iPhone (and I opt-out both phones). But for others, I have to plug the spare phone into the MFC and make the call from that number. What. A. PIA!

I expect that this will diminish over the next few months, but DAYAM! mad